Electric Cars 101 (EV FAQ)

Electric cars, or EVs (electric vehicles), are at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency. EVs are taking the automotive market by storm because they are more efficient, quieter, and easier to maintain than gasoline-powered vehicles.  If you're thinking of buying a Chevy EV to experience this for yourself, read on to learn everything you might want to know.


Q: What Are Electric Cars?

A: An EV is any vehicle that relies solely on electrical power to motor itself down the road. The EVs at our Chevy dealership in San Benito use battery packs and an electric motor, rather than an internal-combustion engine, to get them from point A to B.

Q: Are EVs More Efficient Than Gasoline-Powered Cars?

A: For now, an electric car like the Chevy Bolt EV won't go as far on a charge as a Chevy Spark would on a full tank of gas. However, it's not quite an apples-to-apples comparison since EVs use their energy more efficiently, often giving them a higher EPA-rated MPGe (the EV equivalent to gas cars' fuel economy) than their gas-only counterparts.

Q: Are EVs Quieter Than Gasoline-Powered Cars?

A: No engine means no engine noise. EVs aren't only quiet, but they also release zero tailpipe emissions, which - besides being better for the planet - means there are no hazardous fumes released while the engine is running.

Q: Are EVs More Expensive Than Gasoline-Powered Cars?

A: It's complicated. The MSRP of an EV translates to a slightly higher cost upfront, but it's offset by the significant savings for electricity versus gas over the life of the vehicle.

Q: Are EVs Easier to Take Care of Than Gasoline-Powered Cars?

A: You'll still need to visit us for EV service, but you won't be visiting quite as often. There are far fewer parts to wear out or maintain. That said, you'll still need GM parts like new tires and wipers from time to time, and we'll periodically inspect the car's electrical systems to ensure peak function.

Q: Where Can I Buy an EV?

A: If you're in the market for a new EV and are in or around the San Benito, TX area, then Gillman Chevrolet Buick GMC is a great choice for EV shopping. With a bevy of new EVs on the way, our inventory of quality vehicles is about to get even better, and even more diverse. Visit us today to see what a great car buying experience is like! 


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