GMC Terrain Safety Tools Help Drivers to Stay in Their Lanes

Long road trips can be full of fun, but they can also produce significant levels of driver fatigue. When this happens, it can be easy for such drivers to drift out of their lanes or even completely off of roadways. Thankfully, the new 2020 GMC Terrain small SUV takes care of this issue with a number of innovative safety tools. These tools include features such as Lane Keeping Assist with Departure Warning as well as Following Distance Indicators.

2020 GMC Terrain operators who engage in long journeys can definitely benefit from the attentions of the Lane Keeping Assist with Lane Departure Warning system. This system can keep track of vehicle locations and alert drivers if they begin to move out of their designated lanes of travel. Plus, it can initiate slight steering wheel movements in order to keep the vehicle in its intended lane.

Another GMC Terrain technology that works in similar ways to the Lane Keeping Assist is the Following Distance Indicator. This system works by measuring distances between the front of the Terrain and the rear of other vehicles. It then calculates this range and gives drivers information that helps them to maintain safe distances from other cars.


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