Get the Most Out of Your Brake Pads

Car manufacturers must engineer brakes to slow down a vehicle easily. They are built to last for tens of thousands of miles during the car's lifespan but eventually must be exchanged for newer additions from the eventual degradation of the pads itself.

As the driver's foot presses on the brake pedal, it pushes hydraulic fluid into a chain of cylinders that increase in pressure. This moves a set of pistons that cause the brake pads to clamp onto the wheel's rotor. With the help, the calipers that are located on the brake pads itself, the rotation of the wheels are slowed, and the automobile's speed is lowered. They can accumulate rust and leak fluid if the car is not turned on and driven periodically. It is recommended to drive a rarely-used but operable car around occasionally to prevent damage to the brakes from inactivity.

In the unfortunate event that you own a vehicle that has not been used often, it is likely that it needs repair work done to its braking system. Our staff at Gillman Chevrolet Buick GMC wishes to help you jump-start your car to get it back on the streets of San Benito, TX quickly. Pay our service center a visit when you are ready!

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