GMC Acadia: Rock Tonight

What does it mean to be "professional grade"? Sure, it has a lot to do with GMC's renowned durability and toughness. But it also means driving a vehicle that you can depend on, so that you and your family can continue depending on you. That's why the Gillman Chevy Buick GMC team is so excited about the latest installment of the GMC Acadia.

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For all its premium interior refinements, versatility and cargo room, Acadia is still about your ride. That’s why our engineers precisely tuned the vehicle's 2.5L 4-cylinder engine to seamlessly integrate a multitude of available advanced technologies. From effortless acceleration to powerful braking, and from easily selectable drive modes to a new, highly capable off-road all-wheel-drive system which combine for a premium driving experience that will leave all those little hatchbacks jealous.

What's the main thing that separates GMC Acadia apart from the rest of the pack? You, when you get behind the wheel. Check out the new Acadia at Gillman Chevy Buick GMC today. It won't be long before you discover whey drivers young and old rely on our shop for all things automotive.


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