Helpful Tips on How to Manage a Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts can be dangerous if you aren't well informed on how to react, and at highway speeds it can be easy to panic and lose control of your vehicle. By following a few steps you should be able to safely take control of your vehicle and avoid an accident. Here's some tips you need to know for surviving a tire blowout.

  • The most important thing you should do is to remain calm. That will help make everything else go smoothly and keep you safe.
  • Immediately after the tire blows out it's best to do nothing. Don't brake, turn, or take your foot off of the accelerator. These things may cause your car to spin out.
  • Make sure you steer straight. The car will pull to one side after a blowout. Just firmly grip the steering wheel and keep it straight.
  • You may need to slightly step on the accelerator to gain control of your car by helping to keep a forward momentum.
  • Let your car slowly stop on it's own. As it's slowing it may be a good time turn on your emergency lights to alert other drivers.
  • Once you've slowed down to under 30 miles per hour gently press on the brakes and pull over to the shoulder.


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