How to Help Lower Your Cost of Owning a Car

As if it needs an explanation, the "total cost" of something is - well - all of an item's costs tallied up into a clean, serene, easily-understood total. A vast majority of car buyers fail to think about the total cost of car ownership. If you're smart - we know you are - follow these tips to make yourself aware of the many costs associated with car ownership.

Gas costs a lot of money. Do you need to haul farm equipment? If not, you may want to step away from the pickup. Do you need to lug around four or more kids? You may be able to step away from the van. Choose a car to make sure you spend less on gas - they have higher mile per gallon ratings. Financing fees, interest, and insurance are not included in your car's "monthly payment" to the dealer or bank. Calculate how much they cost in addition to that payment.

Need help? Come by Gillman Chevrolet Buick GMC right here in San Benito, where we will provide you tried-and-true mathematics help related to car ownership anytime we're open.


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